Baking with Olive Oil


There’s something so heart-warming about the comforting aromas of home-baking coming from your kitchen. Here at Filippo Berio, we love to bake and adore sharing our passion for baking with you. From quick breads and hand pies to share-worthy crisps and celebratory cakes, all can be made a little more heart-healthy with the addition of olive oil in your recipe.

Coffee Cake

There are plenty of ways to embrace your inner baker, no matter your skill level. So, tie on your apron – it’s time to get baking!

Beginner Baker:

Speaking of aromas, in this case, scents of warm spices and almonds, our Apple-Pear Crisp is simple to pull together and a delicious way to bake with seasonal fruits. Bonus: It’s not as involved as pie or hand pies* can be. Serve warm by the oversized spoonful, topped with ice cream or a drizzle of heavy cream.

Insider Tip: Leftovers are unlikely. However, for a fruit-laden breakfast bowl, enjoy any remaining crisp warmed through with a dollop of yogurt and sprinkle of crunchy pumpkin- or hemp seeds.

Intermediate Baker:

A one-bowl banana bread studded with dates and walnuts stirred together with honey, yogurt and olive oil? You bet we did! And without any sugar in sight. Lightly spiced and with deep banana flavor for days, we predict this Filippo Berio Banana Bread will become your new go-to quick bread recipe.

Insider Tip: Dates not your thing? Swap them out for 1/2 cup of dried blueberries, or chopped dried figs or apricots. For a touch of decadence, replace the dried fruit with semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Expert Baker:

As an indulgent double-chocolate treat, our Chocolate Torte Recipe makes enough to dazzle 10 (or more!) lucky recipients. Though tailored to those comfortable with recipes a tad involved, everything here is baked together in one pan and needs nothing more than a dusting of icing sugar or fresh berries to complete it…if that. Dial back the effort even more by using store-bought candied pecans. Or forego them entirely and fold lightly toasted hazelnuts, pine nuts or walnuts into the batter instead.

Speaking of hand pies*, go all out when guests are coming with this recipe for adorable, tender Spiced Caramelized Pumpkin Hand Pies. Bonus: It uses store-bought puff pastry (or pie dough of your choice) and canned pumpkin purée, cutting down on kitchen time considerably.

Insider Tip: Filippo Berio Extra Light Olive Oil withstands high heat, keeping your cakes and quick breads moist and delicious. It also has a subtle, delicate taste, making this an ideal choice for almost any treat you’re baking.

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