How to Properly Dispose of Olive Oil

How to Properly Dispose of Olive Oil

After cooking a big meal, do you sometimes find yourself with leftover olive oil and wonder what to do with it?

There are many ways to properly dispose of olive oil. Whatever way you choose, the process normally involves cooling the oil first, so it becomes solid, transferring it to another container if needed or composting it.


Can you reuse cooked Filippo Berio Olive Oil?

We do not recommend reusing olive oil for cooking. Olive oil loses stability each time it is heated, which starts the decomposition process.


How to responsibly dispose of olive oil?

Throwing it in the trash or pouring it down the sink can cause it to leak all over the trash can or lead to an insect infestation. Olive oil needs to reach a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit to become solid and when it solidifies in the sink it might clog up pipes. Even as a liquid, olive oil coats the pipes, making them slick and sticky. It can cause the pipes to capture other debris as it accumulates which might cause a blockage.


To properly dispose of olive oil:


Step 1: Allow the olive oil to become solid or freeze it

Once you are done with the olive oil, allow it to cool down. It will naturally start to turn into a solid. You can also freeze it.


Step 2: Move the olive oil to another container

If you are planning to freeze it, make sure to transfer it to a different container. Glass containers are not suitable for freezing as they might crack.

If you prefer to keep it in its original bottle, use a sealed container to prevent spillage.


Step 3: Use it for compost

To compost the olive oil, you can mix it with vegetable scraps, fruit scraps, leaves and other ingredients in your compost. Take small chunks of the solidified slab of olive oil and toss them in. Be careful as too much olive oil might affect organic processes.



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